What is WAT50?

A series of golf events for the 50 state champions of a given category who will meet and compete at a national championship.

How do I qualify for WAT50?

WAT50 extends 50 invitations to the players who win their respective state title, local Junior PGA title, or place highest among their peers in a state junior championship. A golf association may exercise the right to determine how and who is their state’s designated player or players.

Can I still play and represent my state if I am in college now?

Yes, you are eligible to play if you won a state junior championship the summer before enrolling in college.

How do I register and pay the $295 WAT50 event registration fee?

Designated and/or invited players will register and pay securely online.

Do I have to pay for practice rounds?

Yes, WAT50 arranged special discounted practice round fees and players will pay them directly to Hammock Beach Resort.

Are coaches allowed to attend?

Yes, coaches are encouraged to attend but shall not coach player(s) during tournament play.

Will college coaches be present at the event?

Yes, we anticipate that college coaches will attend and spectate.  WAT50 staff will supply a list of coaches if we know of their impending attendance.

What is the official hotel?

The official hotel/golf resort is Hammock Beach Resort.

How do I book rooms in the official hotel?

Yes, you must call Hammock Beach Resort directly to make a reservation and reference WAT50 for special discounted rates.

Can I get discounted lodging before or after the tournament dates?

Yes.  Additional room nights can be reserved online through our official travel partner.  The resort reservation link will be accessed when registering to play through the WAT50 website.  Booking early will guarantee the lowest rates.

Can I make changes/cancellation to my room reservation?

Yes.  You must call Hammock Beach directly to make any changes to a reservation.

Can I bring my family and friends to watch me play in WAT50?

Yes.  Family and friends are encouraged to attend, spectate, and cheer players on!

If the tournament is shortened due to weather or other outside agency, will a WAT50 Champion still be crowned?

Yes.  However, 18 holes or more of the championship proper must be completed in order to crown a champion.

Are there spectator carts available during tournament rounds?

No.  Spectator carts will not be available.

Will I receive a refund if any portion of the tournament is cancelled due to weather or other outside agency and not in WAT50 tournament staff control?

Yes.  WAT50 will only refund a registration fee if less than 18 holes of the championship proper are completed.

Will WAT50 have live scoring?

Yes.  Live scoring will be posted on wearethefifty.com.

What yardages will WAT50 be played from?

WAT50 will be played from the tournament designated teeing ground. WAT50s tournament course will range from 5,500 to 6,700 yards.

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