SEPTEMBER 17-19, 2021

We’re bringing
“The 50” State Champs together!

In collaboration with golf associations from around the country, WE ARE THE FIFTY is a new national golf event that features the current 50 overall state junior golf champions.  Plus WAT50 will develop a new championship category for players 15 years old and younger who either won their state title, their local Junior PGA Championship title, or placed highest in an overall state junior championship.
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The Possibilities:


Lead the revolution in competitive junior golf

Expand your market: 

Lock in relationships with a new generation

Cross-channel asset management: 

Deploy different content across multiple channels


Direct engagement and storytelling in athletes’ voices

Long-Term approach: 

Listening to consumers and adding real value to their lives

Value Proposition

  • Growth in golf is greatest right now among junior golfers.  Partnership with WAT50 provides a unique opportunity for corporate marketers to create direct contact and authentic experiences with Generation Z (the next gen after Millennials).
  • WE ARE THE FIFTY presents an innovative, nationwide, experiential, comprehensive, and forward-looking partnership opportunity to achieve multiple business objectives.


Collaborative and Authentic

  • WAT50 partnerships are customized, offering a full spectrum of marketing tactics and assets strategically assembled in an engaged and personal way.
  • Brands enjoy the opportunity to deeply engage with kids and families in a bona fide competitive sports environment through multiple channels, assets and activities.

Golf by the Numbers

About the WE ARE THE FIFTY Foundation

The WAT50 Foundation aims to assist state and regional golf associations around the country through a new non-profit by supporting golf participation and sustainability programs.  Starting in 2020, the WAT50 Foundation plans to publish grant application guidelines for associations seeking funds to address diversity, social impact, and environmental issues in golf.

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